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We have held 81 trip clinics and have provided 

prosthetic and orthotic treatment to over 868 patients 

with a true value of over $390,000.

  •  Your support and contribution provide for artificial limbs, orthopedic braces, medical supplies, transportation, follow-up care in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia via no-charge Artificial Limb and Orthopedic Brace Care to those who would otherwise be unable to afford and acquire them.

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Monthly gift commitments can be arranged through our PayPal Button. Tax ID #: 58-2637658

  • If you wish to mail your contribution:  please mail checks to 5202 Waters Ave. Savannah, Ga. 31404
  • Trip Costs: $3,000-$5,000
  • Patient Care Costs: $250 - $500

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Every single PIPO Missions Donor / Donation plays a vital role in our mission needs being met. All of the patients we treat are so very thankful the individuals making our plans possible with financial support.

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A monthly gift commitment of $25 - $50 OR an annual gift of $300 - 500, will aid us in meeting the specific needs of a patient by providing custom-fabricated artificial limbs, orthopedic braces, and medical supplies with additional attention to  follow-up care! 

  1. You'll receive our Adopt-A-Patient Packet in the mail. 
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Raul was born with deformed feet and legs. He has worked many jobs, despite community prejudice against him due to his handicapped condition. He is a very hard worker and his family has struggled for over 10 years now with financial hardship due to family illnesses and his own deforming condition.

We have been blessed to help him with his custom orthopedic shoe wear which we have provided at no charge and also assist the family with financial help and clothing, kids toys and food. His wife, Rebecca also works in the village and has her mother living with them now for over 10 years. they provide for 3 small children and subsist on less than $100.00 per month.


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Trips Cost on average between $3,000 and $5,000.