PIPO Missions, Inc.
PIPO Missions, Inc.
  • Get to know us

    Our Founder: David Puckett

    Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist and Founder 

    of PIPO Missions, Inc. specializes in High Tech/High

     Performance Artificial Limb and Orthopedic Brace 

    care and has over 30 years of experience.

    Our History

    • The Beginning
    • Becoming a 501(c)3
    • Expanding to Colombia
    • Expanding to Guatemala
    • Continuing the Work

    Our Donors

    A page dedicated to our many amazing donors & volunteers that have selflessly helped our mission grow & continue to provide care to those in need.

    News & Updates

    We had so many amazing volunteers show up to organize viable limbs & braces from our storage unit. It was definitely the biggest impact we've made in one day so far! Thanks so much!

    Collaboration & Partnerships

    PIPO Missions is in collaboration with other missions internationally. We have a large supply of viable prosthetics & orthopedic braces to donate. 

    Positive Image

    PIPO Missions Inc. shares the office with Positive Image Prosthetics & Orthotics for-profit business at 5202 Waters Avenue. Savannah, GA 31404

    What We are doing

    south america missions columbia mexico

    Our goal in 2018 is to establish these partnerships in order to dispense and disperse medical care and equipment.

    Through the provision of no charge medical care in the form of artificial limb and orthopedic brace care, we are able to extend the hand of God in order to promote healing and rehabilitation, restoring hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. We are seeking collaboration with other international organizations and individuals to deliver medical care to Chiapas and Yucatan, Mexico. 

    aldo: the boy that Overcame Great Loss- Part 1

    Sixteen year old Aldo in Buena Vista, Guatemala, nearly lost his life to electrocution in Summer 2017, but by the grace of God overcame the loss of several limbs & has gone on to inspire others to never let their circumstances determine their destiny. 

    Aldo is a warrior and worked very hard to get to where he is today. See how Aldo took his life back and continues to inspire us. 

    This is Part 1 of Aldo's Story. 

    Follow us to see Part 2!

    The Lives we impact

    CNN's 2008 Hero Award Winner David Puckett.

    The Miracle Girl & the gringo

    Mercedes twisted her ankle and broke it at 12 years old. After several years without sufficient medical care, the injury resulted in a gangrenous infection of outer portion of her foot, which she would need amputated to live.

    Watch her story.

    Cesar walks for the first time

    Cesar was born without one arm below the elbow, without one foot, and without one entire right leg. He was forced to crawl on the ground like a cat for his entire 23 years, David had an idea.

    Find out what happened next.

    Beimer The Genius & Mareni The Believer

    At 15, Beimer (born without his right foot & with severe finger deformities of both hands) determined to walk, made a make-shift homemade foot out of 2 plastic coke bottles connected by duct tape..

    Mareni was born with deformed hands without fingers & no left foot. Little did she know that she would soon make several new friends & be living a more normal life.

    Watch their story!

    The Story of Pipo Missions, inc.

    WHat others are saying

    Savannah Morning News "Savannah's David Puckett named a hero for his charitable work in Mexico."

    More than a quarter of a century ago, David Puckett traveled with a church group to some of the poorest parts of southeastern Mexico. What we saw there, and the people he met, made an indelible impression on him. "It impressed a love for the people in my heart," he said. "I determined that if there was something in my life I could do to help them, I'd do it." He's kept that promise in spades. Today, thanks to Puckett and his nonprofit organization, hundreds of poor Mexicans, some once barely able to crawl, can walk.

    CNN Heroes: Bigger Is Better

    Puckett told Huffington Post he was “blown away that such a highly respected Hollywood star like Salma Hayek,” who is from a region in Mexico near those where Puckett does his work, would be introducing him. And because Hayek is Mexican and Puckett is very familiar with Mexican culture following over 60 trips to the country, he opted for the Latin greeting of a kiss on the cheek.

    How Do I Say No to the Limbless?

    “My life was sad before because I had to crawl on the ground," recalls Caesar Morales, a 24-year-old father in Mexico who, until recently, had only one limb and couldn't walk. But today, thanks to David Puckett and his U.S.-based nonprofit, Morales has new prosthetic legs. Now, he's not only able to walk, but his new found independence has made it possible for him to move to another town where he could find work. "He lifted me up to where I am today," Morales says. Morales isn't the only person in southeastern Mexico who credits Puckett with changing his life. Since November 2000, the certified, licensed prosthetist/orthotist from Savannah, Georgia, has been providing artificial limbs, orthopedic braces and ongoing care to hundreds in need in the communities of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas -- free of charge.